Discover The Charm Of Bush Hotel: Your Gateway To Bridal Veil Falls And Index, Wa

Bush Hotel

Discover The Charm Of Bush Hotel: Your Gateway To Bridal Veil Falls And Index, Wa

Welcome to the Bush Hotel, a historic gem in the heart of Index, Washington. With a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900s, our hotel has been a cornerstone of the community, providing a gateway to the stunning natural landscapes surrounding this quaint town. The Bush Hotel offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life and serves as a living piece of history, where every corner tells a story of a bygone era.

Strategically positioned at the foothills of the magnificent Cascade Mountains, the Bush Hotel affords its guests unparalleled access to the great outdoors. It’s an ideal spot for adventurers and nature lovers who seek to explore the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest. From the lush, verdant trails leading to Bridal Veil Falls to the rushing waters of the nearby Skykomish River, our location offers many outdoor activities right at your doorstep.

We pride ourselves on blending historical charm with modern comfort, creating a cosy yet elegant ambience that makes every stay memorable. Whether you’re here to soak in the natural beauty, enjoy a quiet weekend away, or embark on hiking, the Bush Hotel is your perfect home away from home in Index, WA.


Attractions Near Bush Hotel

At the Bush Hotel, nestled in the scenic town of Index, WA, guests are perfectly positioned to explore some of the region’s most breathtaking natural attractions. Bridal Veil Falls, just a stone’s throw from our doorstep, is a highlight for any nature lover. Here’s what makes it and other nearby spots a must-visit:

Bridal Veil Falls Hike

  • Trail Experience: The trail to Bridal Veil Falls hike is an accessible adventure, ideal for all ages and skill levels. It features a relatively easy 2-mile round trip offering serene forest walkways and a few mildly challenging stretches.
  • Scenic Views: As you approach the falls, the path provides stunning vistas of the cascading waters that dramatically drop over a 120-foot cliff. The sound of the waterfall complements the visual spectacle, creating a profoundly peaceful atmosphere.
  • Photography Opportunities: The area around Bridal Veil Falls is a photographer’s dream. Capture the dynamic beauty of the waterfall against the backdrop of lush Pacific Northwest forestry.

Other Attractions Near Bush Hotel

  • Skykomish River: Ideal for rafting enthusiasts, this river promises thrilling whitewater adventures and quieter stretches for a scenic float.
  • Heybrook Lookout: For those willing to tackle a bit more of a challenge, the hike to Heybrook Lookout offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding wilderness, including the Olympic Mountains.
  • Index Town Wall is a renowned spot for rock climbers, offering routes from beginner to expert levels.


Local Flora and Fauna

  • Wildlife Watching: The area around Index is home to diverse wildlife, including deer, eagles, and the occasional black bear, providing ample opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Botanical Beauty: The trails and surrounding areas bloom with native plants and flowers, particularly in the spring and early summer, enhancing the scenic beauty of your hikes.

Staying at the Bush Hotel provides a comfortable and historical backdrop to your adventures and places you in the heart of nature’s playground. Whether exploring the iconic Bridal Veil Falls hike or indulging in Index WA’s numerous outdoor activities, our hotel ensures a memorable and exciting visit for everyone.


Accommodation and Amenities at Bush Hotel

At the Bush Hotel in Index, WA, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch accommodations and amenities that cater to the needs of travellers and nature enthusiasts. Here’s a detailed look at what makes our hotel a preferred choice when looking for hotels near me:

Comfortable and Historic Accommodations

  • Rooms with a View: Each of our rooms offers splendid views of the surrounding Cascade Mountains or the quaint town of Index, allowing guests to soak in the natural beauty right from their windows.
  • Historic Charm: The hotel’s architecture and décor reflect its storied past, providing a unique and charming experience that blends history with modern comforts.

Amenities Tailored for Hikers and Nature Lovers

  • Guided Hikes: We offer guided tours to Bridal Veil Falls and other scenic spots, ensuring our guests experience the best local natural attractions safely and informatively.
  • Gear Rentals: Guests can rent hiking gear directly from the hotel, making it easy to embark on spontaneous adventures without the burden of bringing their equipment.

Special Packages for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Hiker’s Retreat Package includes accommodations, a guided hike, and a complimentary picnic lunch to enjoy by the falls or on the trail.
  • Nature Lover’s Getaway: Tailored for those looking to immerse themselves in the outdoors, this package offers discounts on longer stays and includes a free nature photography session.

Additional Services

  • On-Site Dining: After exploring Index, WA, guests can enjoy delicious meals at our on-site restaurant, which features local produce and specialties.
  • Relaxation and Wellness: Our wellness area includes a spa and sauna, perfect for relaxing sore muscles after hiking.

Staying at the Bush Hotel means more than finding a place to sleep. It’s about creating a memorable experience that enhances your adventures in Index, WA.


Exploring Index, WA

At the Bush Hotel, we encourage our guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural splendour and array of outdoor activities that Index, WA, offers. Beyond the popular Bridal Veil Falls hike, our region has abundant opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Here’s a closer look at what you can explore during your stay:

Diverse Hiking Trails

  • Lake Serene Trail: For those looking for a challenge, the Lake Serene Trail offers a strenuous hike with rewarding views of a stunning alpine lake and cascading waterfalls.
  • Iron Goat Trail: This accessible trail is perfect for families and history buffs, featuring historical interpretive signs about the old Great Northern Railway.

River Rafting Adventures

  • Skykomish River: Known for some of the best whitewater rafting in Washington, the Skykomish River provides thrilling rapids for seasoned adventurers and gentler sections for beginners.

Photography Hotspots

  • Heybrook Lookout: Capture panoramic shots of the Cascade Mountains from this easily accessible lookout.
  • Deception Falls A short drive from the hotel, this spot offers picturesque scenes of powerful waterfalls and lush forest, ideal for nature photography.

Leisure and Relaxation

  • Local Art Scene: Visit the nearby art galleries and studios to see works by local artists that reflect the region’s natural beauty.
  • Index Town Walls: Popular among climbing enthusiasts for its challenging pitches and breathtaking views.

Encouraging a longer stay at the Bush Hotel allows you to explore these attractions at your leisure and discover the hidden gems by exploring Index, WA. Each day can be filled with new sights and experiences, making every moment of your visit truly unforgettable. Whether you’re paddling down the rapids, hiking up mountain trails, or capturing the beauty of the landscape through your lens, Index is a place that calls for deep exploration.


How to Get There and Best Times to Visit

Visiting the Bush Hotel and exploring Index, WA, including the renowned Bridal Veil Falls, is an experience not to be missed. Here’s how to get here and the best times to visit for an optimal experience:

Getting to The Bush Hotel

  • By Car: The Bush Hotel is conveniently accessible by car. From Seattle, take US-2 E toward Stevens Pass; the drive is scenic and takes about an hour, making it an easy getaway.
  • Public Transport: For those preferring public transportation, regional buses serve the area with stops near the hotel, ensuring you can reach us without a car.

Best Times to Visit

  • Spring (April to June): During the spring melt, experience the lush greenery and full flow of Bridal Veil Falls. This is the ideal time to see the waterfalls at their most spectacular.
  • Summer (July to September): Enjoy warm weather that is perfect for hiking, river rafting, and other outdoor activities. The longer days allow more time to explore.
  • Early Fall (September to October): Witness the breathtaking fall colours that decorate the landscapes around Index. Cooler temperatures make hiking especially pleasant.

During these times, ensure you experience the best of what Index, WA, offers. Whether you’re planning to tackle the Bridal Veil Falls hike or looking to enjoy a rafting adventure on the Skykomish River, timing your visit with these seasons will enhance your stay and provide you with the most memorable experiences.



Staying at the Bush Hotel in Index, WA offers more than just a comfortable night’s sleep; it provides a gateway to a breathtaking adventures in the Pacific Northwest. From the historic charm of our accommodations to the ease of accessing spectacular hikes like the Bridal Veil Falls hike, the Bush Hotel is your perfect home base. Whether you’re seeking thrilling outdoor activities or a peaceful retreat into nature, our hotel ensures a memorable experience. Engage in exploring Index WA to experience its diverse offerings and stunning natural beauty fully. Book your stay at the Bush Hotel today and discover Index, WA’s natural beauty and adventures. Your next great adventure starts here!