The Bush House Inn has undergone a much-needed, historically appropriate renovation. A new foundation, roof, new stylistically correct, energy-efficient windows, new exterior siding in the original pattern, new in-floor heating, floor restoration and replacement, sprinklers and alarms, ADA access to public areas on the first and second floors, new low-flow plumbing in appropriate style, complete electrical rewiring, backup generation, and new internet connections throughout. Guest rooms are restored ready to receive visitors, and the famous restaurant is backed by a completely renovated kitchen. The event spaces are completely rebuilt and ready again for meetings, presentations, and banquets. It has taken time to restore and revive this beautiful 120+ year old building, and now that it is complete we hope you’ll agree that it will be loved again for another century.

Project 1. Roof Replacement

January 2012 – With a lifetime of mountain weather, the roof of the hotel was in need of a complete replacement. We began this project within days of taking ownership of the building and were able to employ a local roofing company to install a new roof to match the original style of the building – completed in record time and ready to withstand another 100 years!

Project 2. Remove Addition

The rear addition was in extremely poor shape and needed to be removed prior to the lift. This addition, which gave the building it’s “L” shape, included a large event space, a large upstairs guest room, and restrooms. It will be rebuilt in 2016.

Project 3. New Foundation

It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done! We tunneled under the building to create a crawl space (the structure was basically sitting in the dirt… and on stumps in some places) in preparation for lifting the building 7 feet in the air! Once elevated, we were able to frame and pour the new foundation to make sure that the building is ready for the next 100 years! This endeavor is now complete and the Bush House is resting on a level and solid foundation!

Project 4. 1st Floor Windows

The first floor windows were damaged beyond repair, and were replaced with wood replicas to match the historic look of the building. We removed the wide windows which had been installed several years ago, and returned them to their original style and locations. You’ll be able to enjoy them from your seat in the restaurant!

Project 5. New Siding

Over the years the Bush House had received several different layers of siding as repairs were made and additions built. We worked with a mill to recreate the original siding design, and local contractors helped us to install it. What do you think?

Project 6. Remove Flooring

Damaged flooring and subfloors on the main level had to be removed during the foundation work. This allowed us to replace damaged floorboards and ensure it is level and solid.

Project 7. Repair Chimneys

New brick was laid in place to restore and reinforce the chimney. It is now water-tight and ready for any weather that comes our way!

Project 8. Exterior Painting

We beat the Fall rains and were able to paint the exterior of the Bush House and give it an added layer of protection from the weather. So excited to have the building showing off it’s familiar white color, with green trim and doors! Many thanks to Nick and his crew at Preferred Painting for all their hard work!

Project 9. Remove Drywall

Drywall has been removed from the ceilings in much of the building to allow for access to mechanical areas. We are preparing for updates to the electrical, plumbing and alarm systems; and improvements such as radiant flooring and a sprinkler system.

Project 10. Missing Windows

The 3rd floor windows on the northeast end of the building were badly damaged so we removed them some time ago. Many thanks to Ron for building us new ones to keep the weather out!

Project 11. Guest Room Windows

The windows in the 2nd and 3rd floors were in pretty poor shape, and have now been replaced with energy efficient, safe, and beautiful replicas of the originals. Overnight guests will enjoy breathtaking views in every direction, and have the ability to take in the fresh mountain air if they wish!

Project 12. Rebuild the Covered Porch

January 2016 – The Bush House just didn’t look the same without it! We are so excited to be rebuilding the beautiful covered porch that is such an important part of the historic appearance and function of this building. This porch was designed to closely replicate the original one. We hope you like it!