The Top Outdoor Adventures In Index: A Stay At Bush House Inn With Nature At Your Doorstep

Outdoor Adventures

The Top Outdoor Adventures In Index: A Stay At Bush House Inn With Nature At Your Doorstep

Nestled amidst the majestic landscapes of Washington State, Index stands as a beacon for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This quaint town, with its breathtaking views and untamed wilderness, offers an unparalleled outdoor experience. From the rugged peaks that beckon climbers to the swift currents that thrill rafters, Index is a haven for those seeking adventure in every step, paddle, and climb. At the heart of this natural paradise lies the Bush House Inn, a historic gem that has welcomed guests since its doors opened.

With its charming accommodations and warm hospitality, the Bush House Inn is not just a place to stay; it’s your gateway to the ultimate outdoor adventures. Surrounded by nature’s splendor, the Inn is a perfect base camp for exploring Index’s vast activities. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious explorer, the Bush House Inn invites you to experience the beauty and excitement of Index.

Let us be your home away from home, where every day brings a new adventure and every evening brings the comfort of tradition. Welcome to your adventure at nature’s doorstep.


Embracing Adventure With Bush House Inn

At the Bush House Inn, we believe in making the vast, untamed wilderness of Index, WA, accessible to all our guests. Whether you’re scaling vertical granite, paddling through tranquil waters, or trekking through ancient forests, we’re here to facilitate your adventure. With our local partnerships and dedication to your experience, every aspect of your adventure—from planning to execution—is seamless and memorable.

Choose the Bush House Inn as your gateway to the extraordinary outdoor adventures that Index has to offer. Here, where the sky touches the mountains, and the rivers carve the landscape, your adventure awaits. Let us be the home base for your exploration, where comfort meets the wild, and every day brings a new adventure to cherish.


Outdoor Adventure Sections 

Hiking: Trails Of Tranquillity And Challenge

Index, WA, is a sanctuary for hikers, offering trails that traverse serene forests, alpine lakes, and rugged peaks. The Lake Serene Trail and Bridal Veil Falls present a dual challenge for nature lovers. This 8.2-mile round trip is a feast for the senses, showcasing majestic waterfalls and ending at the tranquil Lake Serene, nestled at the base of Mount Index. For those seeking a formidable challenge, Mount Persis provides a steep, untamed path to breathtaking views.

Bush House Inn Access: Guests can quickly embark on these trails with our prepared trailhead shuttles and packed lunches. We also offer rental gear for those travelling light.

River Rafting: Exhilarating Escapes On The Skykomish

The Skykomish River, a gem for river rafting, offers experiences ranging from serene floats to heart-stopping rapids. The river’s Main Sky section is perfect for beginners and families, offering Class II-III rapids amidst stunning scenery. Adrenaline seekers will find their thrill in the Boulder Drop, the Skykomish’s most notorious Class IV rapid, offering a mix of technical navigation and raw power.

Bush House Inn Access: We arrange exclusive rafting trips with local outfitters, including transportation and all necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless adventure for our guests.

Rock Climbing: Conquering The Index Town Walls

The Index Town Walls are a climber’s paradise, offering over 500 routes on quality granite. From the Inner Walls for beginners to the Upper Town Wall for experienced climbers seeking a test piece, the area caters to all levels. Godzilla, a classic 5.9 route, and City Park, an iconic 5.13 crack, are just a glimpse of what awaits.

Bush House Inn Access: Our guests enjoy guided climbing experiences and clinics tailored to their skill level. We also provide gear rentals and a climbers’ lounge for planning your ascent or sharing stories of the day’s climbs.

Fishing: Serenity By The Stream

The Skykomish and its tributaries offer serene spots with salmon, steelhead, and trout. Whether you are fly fishing in the calm waters of the North Fork or seeking steelhead in the South Fork, the area’s diversity ensures a rewarding experience for anglers of all levels. The Sultan River, a hidden gem, offers excellent opportunities for trout in a picturesque setting.

For those searching “Hotels near me” hoping to find the perfect base for your fishing adventure, look no further than Bush House Inn. Our proximity to these prime fishing spots makes us an ideal angler choice.

Kayaking And Canoeing: Paddle Through Paradise

The calm waters of the Skykomish River and nearby Alpine Lakes Wilderness offer unparalleled kayaking and canoeing experiences. Paddle through serene lakes reflecting the sky, or navigate the gentle currents of the Skykomish for a peaceful day on the water. The Rapid River Run provides thrilling whitewater kayaking opportunities for those seeking more adventure.

Bush House Inn Access: Guests can access top-quality kayaks, canoes, and all necessary safety gear. We offer shuttle services to prime launching spots and guided tours that showcase the beauty of Washington’s waterways.


Bush House Inn As Your Adventure Base

Exploring Index’s Majestic Wilderness

Nestled in the heart of the majestic wilderness of Index, WA, the Bush House Inn stands as the best destination for adventurers and nature lovers. With its perfect mixture of rustic charm and modern amenities, this historic inn is designed to be more than just a place to stay—it’s your gateway to the unparalleled outdoor experiences surrounding it.

Tailored Amenities For Outdoor Enthusiasts

At Bush House Inn, we offer an array of amenities tailored to the outdoor enthusiast. Secure storage for your gear, early-morning breakfast options to fuel your day’s explorations, and comfortable, refreshing spaces to return to after your adventures are just the beginning.

Exclusive Access To Outdoor Excursions

Our partnerships with local guides and outfitters allow us to offer exclusive access to hiking, rafting, climbing, and fishing excursions, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, our expertly curated excursions cater to all skill levels and interests.

Community-Oriented Atmosphere

Beyond the adventures, our guests enjoy the warmth of our community-oriented atmosphere at Bush House hotels, where stories of the day’s exploits are shared around the fire pit or in our cozy lounge. The inn’s commitment to personalized service means we’re always ready to help plan your next adventure, whether mapping out tomorrow’s hike or arranging a last-minute fishing trip.

Crafted For Adventurers

At Bush House Inn, every element is crafted with the adventurer in mind, making it the perfect base camp for those eager to explore the natural wonders of Index. From our comfortable accommodations to our expertly curated excursions, we ensure that every aspect of your stay enhances your outdoor adventures and leaves you with unforgettable memories of your time in the wilderness.



Index, WA, is a treasure trove of outdoor activities, offering something for every adventurer, from serene hikes through ancient forests to exhilarating river rapids. The Bush House Inn is uniquely positioned to provide a place to rest and a complete outdoor adventures base.

Our strategic location, tailored services, and warm, welcoming atmosphere ensure that every aspect of your stay is geared toward making your outdoor experiences as rich and fulfilling as possible. Choose the Bush House Inn for your next adventure, and immerse yourself in Index’s natural beauty and excitement. Here, where adventure meets comfort, your journey into the wild awaits.